SIS And Kiron Interactive Collaborate To Create Newest Numbers Channel In Africa

Sports Information Services, better known as SIS, a flagship provider of multi-channel 24/7 live betting services, such as horse racing and greyhound racing, based in Milton Keynes, UK, has signed a lucrative deal with innovative, renowned Johannesburg-based software company, Kiron Interactive, to create its latest, customized 24/7 channel, which will supply the whole of Africa with chosen mix of leading Numbers products from both companies.

The main purpose of the deal:

With this latest partnership, SIS will join forces with a leading global technology and software company, drawing on its experience and knowledge of numerous markets across the continent to create a channel custom-made for African regulated markets, adding value with non-traditional Numbers products to both firms’ innovative content.

The latest Number products will give players and operators in Africa wider access to SIS’s internationally recognized 49’s Original Live Draw and the newest high-margin 39’s draw which includes high-frequency, live draws every five minutes. Moreover, SIS’s Numbers products are widely popular across Africa, especially with punters who love the chance to win big from small bets!

Increased popularity of 24/7 live betting in Africa:

SIS And Kiron Interactive Collaborate To Create Newest Numbers Channel In Africa

This deal reveals the growing need for SIS’s 24/7 live wagering services and helps the company solidify its presence in regulated markets in Africa.

However, it also represents the newest commercial agreement that SIS has signed in Africa to date.

Commenting on the partnership, Joe Andrews, Head of Sales for Africa at SIS, said: “Having the right partners in regions with a disparate makeup such as in Africa is essential to ensuring we continue growing our brand and products there.

“Kiron’s heritage across the continent provides us with a hugely valuable advantage in developing and launching this new channel, which will be a significant boost to our commercial ambitions in the region.

“Our content is renowned for driving incremental revenue as the high-frequency, 24/7 nature of our Numbers games is popular among African bettors.”

Gaining more popularity:

On the other hand, Kiron will enjoy the popularity that comes from combining its knowledge with the expertise of one of the globally recognized providers such as SIS, meaning that in the future we can expect the company to become more well-known around the world.

In this regard, Steven Spartinos, Co-CEO of Kiron Interactive added: “As we continue to expand the reach of Kiron and broaden the scope of the services we offer and the number of partners we work with, collaborating with a leading brand such as SIS is key.

“While we operate globally, Africa is where our roots lie, and as such, we offer unrivalled insight into the many diverse markets here. We’re delighted to work with SIS and look forward to working together to bring the combination of our respective revenue-boosting content to an even wider audience.”