Spinomenal Invites Players to Embrace the Carnival Spirit and Compete in Carnaval Dos Ganhadores Tournament

Spinomenal, one of the leading content providers in the iGaming industry, celebrates the globally famous Carnival of Brazil and invites all its fans from Brazil to celebrate it together and enjoy the unforgettable experience in its new Carnaval dos Ganhadores tournament.

Join the carnival and win great prizes:

The contest will last for 11 days, from February 8 to February 18, and the players will be able to win up to 200.000 BRL. The show is announced as The Greatest Show on Earth, and its structure and gameplay prove that these aren’t simply words.

When the game begins, the players start moving towards the incredible rewards, and every gained point transforms into moving on the leaderboard, ensuring the players have great chances of winning. The company created a formula to help the players calculate their points and see where they’re standing in the competition. The formula is pretty simple: the number of points is equal to the amount that is won divided by the bet and then multiplied by 100. If the bet is worth 1 EUR, and the player gains a win of 10 EUR, they will earn 1.000 points.

The rules are set:

Every player has a unique ID in the game, and once the first points are collected and the player is qualified for the competition, they will be able to see the move on the Leaderboard. The Leaderboard showcases the players from different platforms. After the round ends, all players will get a chance to see how they’re positioned on the Leaderboard, thanks to the player toolbar with the results.

The players who want to compete in the Carnaval dos Ganhadores will be able to do so only if they invest real money in it. The prize pool is set in advance and all conditions of winning are released prior to the tournament, including the number of winners, so the players know all information about the tournament. 

Good news for all operators that are allowed to host the tournament will get a special treat: they’ll get exclusive access to the brand new game, Carnaval das Frutas, which is created specifically for the contest.

Nir Ronen, a COO of Spinomena, is looking forward to the contest. He said in a press release: “The Carnival of Brazil is widely considered the biggest carnival in the world and we wanted to join the celebrations with our own local twist on our much-loved tournament concept. Carnaval dos Ganhadores gives Brazilian players a chance to amplify the party atmosphere even more.”

Spinomenal Invites Players to Embrace the Carnival Spirit and Compete in Carnaval Dos Ganhadores Tournament