PPA Commends Pennsylvania Opposition to Online Gaming Restrictions

PPA Commends Pennsylvania Resolution Opposing Federal Restrictions to Online Gaming and Urges Quick Legislative Action

PPA Commends Pennsylvania Opposition to Online Gaming Restrictions

Pennsylvania (October 15, 2014) ­ The Poker Players Alliance (PPA), the leading poker grassroots advocacy group with 1.2 million members nationwide and more than 25,000 PPA advocates in Pennsylvania, today applauds Pennsylvania Representative Mike Sturla for introducing H.R. 1095, legislation to oppose a federal ban on online gaming.

“The Pennsylvania legislature has made it clear that they are interested in the possibility of licensing and regulating online gambling in the state; therefore the passage of this resolution is critical to ensure the state has the right to move forward with legislation without unwarranted restrictions from the federal government,” said John Pappas, executive director of the PPA. “The bottom line is that states should have the option of providing their residents with a safe and regulated place to play online poker within their own borders.”

It is unlikely that H.R. 1095 will be voted on this year due to limited remaining legislative session days, but PPA urges the Pennsylvania House of Representatives to make this important resolution a priority when the state legislative session reconvenes.

“As a Pennsylvanian resident, it’s infuriating that Congress would consider a federal online gaming ban to deny our state government the ability to ensure consumers are protected online through an established online gaming marketplace with clear and strong state laws and enforcements,” said Willard Darling, PPA’s Pennsylvania State Director. “Currently, three states are safely and effectively regulating Internet poker, and Pennsylvania deserves the same right to authorize online poker sites in our state and to gain the economic and societal benefits of doing so.”

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