Proposed German affiliate marketing ban criticized

In Germany and a prominent iGaming industry expert has reportedly declared that the government’s plan to prohibit all local affiliate marketing from next year will not help to establish a ‘good working gambling market.’

According to a Monday report from Gambling Insider, Andreas Blaue from the German Association for Telecommunications and Media trade group revealed that this ban is just one of the many proposals contained within a new nationwide regulatory regime that is to cover the future licensing and advertising of gambling.

Proposed German affiliate marketing ban criticized

Inexperienced idea:

Blaue recently assisted in the negotiation of temporary and voluntary advertising limits for gambling operations in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein. The source detailed that the learned specialist believes the proposed nationwide prohibition on affiliate marketing is the brainchild of naive lawmakers and will not help to progress the industry.

Blau reportedly told Gambling Insider…

“There will be no place for affiliate marketing campaigns with providers at the end. In my eyes, that’s a very serious change. They try to lead users, on the one hand, to licensed operators. But on the other hand, they fear that when users are not so much triggered by advertising and rather affiliate marketing approaches, where this system of affiliate marketing will achieve the most turnover and the most registrations, then the market will develop in a way that will be more dangerous for the user.”

Speculative suspicions:

Blau reportedly also told Gambling Insider that these unfounded anxieties are the biggest driver behind the proposed ban on affiliate marketing rather than the knowledge of politicians who actually ‘understand how this market works’.

Blaue reportedly proclaimed…

“Starting next year, I’m not convinced we can develop a very good working gambling market, which comprises the interests of stakeholders on the political side as well as those on the side of the providers.”