EveryMatrix Reaches EUR 1 Billion Turnover for 2022

EveryMatrix, a leading B2B provider, has achieved a new milestone. On September 9th, they announced they had reached EUR 1 billion turnover for the year. The turnover has been reached for its sports production, OddsMatrix.   

Last year, the turnover finished just below EUR 1 billion, which is a massive success for the company. And that’s not all – turnover in both August and September was up by 100% YOY.  

At the beginning of the year, OddsMatrix broke the record with the 100 million turnover mark per month in Q4 2021, so the new record wasn’t unexpected.  

Fast-growing company:   

Ebbe Groes, Group CEO of EveryMatrix, says: “Another stunning accomplishment for OddsMatrix and EveryMatrix as a whole. We’ll likely be hitting EUR 200m turnover per month in Q4 2022. And the fast growth of volumes can be turned into even more feature investment, positively reinforcing the volume growth!”  

OddsMatrix has achieved a lot during 2022. They signed important deals with Intralot in Morocco for MDJS (La Marocaine des Jeux & des Sports en Ligne) and the German brand bet-at-home. There’s more when it comes to OddsMatrix’s success this year – they also acquired Leapbit, an important sports betting provider, to elevate its online-first platform and expand its ecosystem with a mature retail product.   

EveryMatrix Reaches EUR 1 Billion Turnover for 2022

What do you need to know about EveryMatrix?  

The company is famous for delivering iGaming software, solutions, content, and services for casino, sport betting, payments, and affiliate/agent management to Tier 1 operators and new brands.   

The platform allows operators to choose the optimal solution. It is highly modular, scalable, and compliant, so it is an excellent choice for every operator, nevermind their needs and existing in-house technologies and capabilities.   

Their primary focus is to empower their clients to unleash bold ideas and deliver unique player experiences in different regulated markets, including the USA, Europe, CIS, and South America.  They also have about 700 employees across ten countries, and serve 150+ customers worldwide, regulated US market included.  

OddsMatrix is powered by EveryMatrix. Its betting solutions are designed to provide choices and support that empower betting operators to be highly profitable in their markets. This company offers all the necessary tools for operators to expand their sports business and increase profits.    

Their hugest benefit is the fact that the platform is completely customizable. The operators have guaranteed freedom, support, and monitoring tools needed to achieve higher engagement, improve product performance and enhance sports and esports betting offerings.